Bonnet Shores Beach Club Condominium Association, RI

Parking Policies



One parking sticker shall be issued upon presentation of a valid vehicle registration to each licensed driver who activates a membership pass.  The parking sticker shall be affixed by Beach Club Staff.


Parking is permitted only where a space is designated by the painted lines.


Parking in unauthorized areas will result in towing at the owner's expense and the following fines:

žDouble Parking or Parking in a No Parking area shall result in a $25 fine.

žFailure to display a member sticker or a guest tag shall result in a $25 fine.

žUnauthorized vehicles parked in handicapped spaces or in a fire lane shall result in a $100 fine.  Handicap tag must be displayed.


Anyone moving any of the parking signs shall be subject to a $100 fine.


Every member must stop at the gate to hand his/her membership card to the gate staff in order to pass through the gate.  Failure to do so shall result in a $100 fine.


Any member or guest driving at an excessive speed in the parking lot will be subject to a $100 fine and possible ejection from the Club. Excessive speed shall be the sole determination of the Management.


All entrances to the parking areas must be kept clear to assure access for all emergency vehicles.


Unregistered vehicles, trucks, trailers or boats are not allowed in the parking lot.


No vehicle which occupies more than 1 space will be allowed to park in the lot.

A member car will be defined on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays as a car which is driven by a member and which has a BSBC parking sticker.  A member car will be defined on weekdays as a car with a member in it.   All other vehicles will be defined as a guest car and will pay the parking fee which is appropriate to the particular day. 


Any vehicle without a parking sticker shall pay to park according to the following fee schedule:


Weekdays (daytime)                                          $5/car

Weekends & Holidays (daytime)                      $15/car

After 4pm everyday                                           $5/car

        *There will be no parking fee charged Monday thru Friday after Labor Day*


Any vehicle without a parking sticker will pay the parking fee and be given a 1 day parking permit that must be displayed.


Only member cars (cars with a BSBC sticker and driven by a member) will be allowed to enter the parking lot before 4pm on all Sundays from July 1st through Labor Day and also on Labor Day. 


The parking lot shall not be used as a track for mopeds or bikes.


Any attempt to run the gate will result in a $100 fine to the unit owner.