Bonnet Shores Beach Club Condominium Association, RI



Henceforth, the term "entitled membership" shall be used to designate those memberships which are included in one's annual assessment and which were formerly referred to as "deeded memberships."


A unit is considered leased if no unit owner activates an entitled membership pass.


A unit may only be leased for the entire season.


The lessee and any additional lessees must have access to the unit and must have a key to the unit at all times while at the Beach Club.


An arrangement involving anything less than the transfer of use of the unit and all entitled passes associated with the unit will be viewed as the “renting of entitled passes.” The unit owner who retains at least one pass has not leased the unit.


Conversely, a unit will be considered leased if at least one deeded owner has not activated a pass for the current season. 


A BSBC Unit Lease Agreement must be completed by the unit owner and the lessee. The “BSBC lease agreement”, along with the appropriate rental fee, will be submitted to the BSBC office. The Club records will indicate that the unit has been leased for the season and that the unit owner(s) of that unit will not be coming to the Club as a member through that unit.  

Lease fees are as follows:  Bathhouse & Mini-Double Bathhouse $70; Double Bathhouse $110; Cabana $150; Live-in $200.


Unit owners who have leased their unit may obtain seasonal memberships through another unit but will not be issued an ownership pass.


A Unit Owner who has rented his unit for the season and has not retained a pass for himself may enter the facility to purchase guest passes for his renter. 


Unit owners who have leased their unit for the season may not visit the Club as guests of their unit.  There shall be a $50 fee for such a visit.


Lessees must obtain membership passes for all members of their household. A person residing at the same address as the lessee may not visit the Club as a guest. Lessees are encouraged to lease a unit that will provide enough entitled passes to accommodate all family members. If additional seasonal memberships are required, they will cost $600 each, regardless of age.


Maintenance & Alterations


The upkeep and general maintenance of each unit is the responsibility of the unit owner.  If not maintained, the Board, after due notice, will have the work done and charge the unit owner. This charge is enforceable as a lien.


The maintenance of, or alterations to, the interior of all units is the financial responsibility of each unit owner. No alterations may be made without the written consent of the Architectural Committee acting on behalf of the Board and all other unit owners. Proper permits from the town of Narragansett must be obtained by the unit owner.  See the “BSBC Unit Construction Procedures” form for more information.


No member shall make alterations to the buildings in any way.


Nothing in the common area shall be decorated without the permission of the Management.


Nothing shall be hung, shaken or thrown from the railings, balconies or windows or placed upon the exterior sills of the buildings.


No shades, awnings, window guards, flags, wind socks, wind chimes, ventilators, fans, air conditioning units or lights shall be installed in or about the buildings, common areas, balconies or decks that impede the lane of travel or cause undue annoyance.


No radio, television or their aerials shall be attached to or hung from the exterior of the buildings.


Any and all damage to the buildings, adjoining units, or common areas including, but not restricted to, leaking windows shall be paid for by the owner found to be responsible. 


No owner shall interfere with any portion of the common lighting apparatus in or about the common areas or buildings.


No owner, member, renter, or guest shall use or permit to be brought into the buildings, in any quantities, any flammable oils or fluids such as gasoline, kerosene, naphtha, benzene or other explosive materials or articles known to be hazardous to life, limb or property.


The use of hurricane lamps is strictly prohibited.


The use of decorative, open-flame candles on any deck or in any unit is strictly prohibited.


No owner shall do any painting or decorating of the exterior of the building or make any alterations or construct any additions to the exterior or landscaping of the buildings or the common areas.


Screen doors shall be wooden, painted the same color as the unit door, and approved by the Management.


Unit Owners are responsible for replacing missing unit numbers.


No lighting shall be allowed outside a unit.


Except as provided by the Declaration, no sign, commercial notice or advertisement shall be inscribed or exposed at any window, door or other part of the buildings except as shall have been approved in writing by the Board, nor shall similar materials be projected out of any building.


The Board shall have the right and authority to cause the removal of any appliance or device (whether electrical or otherwise) which it, in its sole discretion, deems to be a hazard or nuisance, or which may, in its opinion, cause the voiding or cancellation of any insurance policy.