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2016 Season will run from May 21st thru October 2nd!


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June 25, 2016


Dear Owners & Members,


The Board of Directors is pleased to inform you that on Wednesday, June 22 the Bonnet Shore Fire District Council approved our request for the Sewer Line Easement. It has been a long road and we are very pleased with the outcome.


As a reminder we have a Board Meeting scheduled this coming Sunday, June 26th at 9am. We look forward to seeing you there.


Based on the positive feedback we have received from many members, we are happy to report that the BSBC Kids Club is a success!!  Many children participated in various crafts and sports games this week and had loads of fun.  If you would like your child to participate, complete the permission form in the office and fasten the Kids Club sticker to your child’s pass. Please note children must be 5 years of age and up to participate in the craft program and 8 years of age and up to participate in the sports program. The program runs Monday – Friday (no holidays) from 10am-4pm. Look for the yellow Kids Club Flags and join in!!


The BSBC restaurant is open for business!! We had our first pasta night this past Thursday and feedback received thus far has been positive. We hope you will join us for Irish Night this Sunday, June 26th from 4pm-8pm. Buffet cost is $16.95 for adults and $10.95 for children.  We are grateful to have Chef Almanzo Ritfeld and consultant Karl Guggenmos to take the lead in the BSBC Food Services area. They have many delicious events planned for the season!


The Fourth of July weekend is coming up and as a reminder, fireworks are strictly prohibited.

On Friday, July 1st, guest pass rates will be $16 (day) $8 (after 4pm). Guest Parking will be $5 all day. 

We will be hosting a BSBC Clambake and AJ the DJ will be playing from 6pm-10pm. 


On Saturday, July 2nd, guest pass rates will be $16 (day) $8 (after 4pm). Guest Parking will be $15 (day) $5 (after 4pm). We will be offering a raw bar at noon, Milt Javery from 1:30-5:30pm, and Steve Anthony & Persuasion from 7pm-11pm.


On Sunday, July 3rd, guest pass rates will be $24 (day) $8 (after 4pm). Guest Parking will be $15 (day) $5 (after 4pm) – (no guest cars will be allowed in the BSBC lot – guests register at the BSBC gate, park at Nardolillo Funeral Home, and use our shuttle service). There will be a raw bar at noon and Eight to the Bar will be performing from 4pm-8pm.


On Monday, July 4th, guest pass rates will be $24 (all day). Guest Parking will be $15 (day) $5 (after 4pm) - (no guest cars will be allowed in the BSBC lot – guests register at the BSBC gate, park at Nardolillo Funeral Home, and use our shuttle service). Treasure Chest will be entertaining us from 3pm-7pm.


We hope you are enjoying the summer season. Please do not hesitate to contact us at with your questions, comments, or concerns.



BSBC Board of Directors


June 4, 2016


As you know, the Board recently informed both owners and members that it would be addressing the Club’s Food and Beverage (“F&B”) services in swift fashion. Thus, in an effort to keep you appropriately informed about our F&B review, the Board has decided to provide you this update on our progress rather than waiting to the next Board meeting. Listed below is the action we have taken since our last communication on Saturday, May 28, 2016.


Effective, Wednesday, June 1, 2016 through the end of the 2016 season, Karl Guggenmos, AAC, MBA, WACS Global Master Chef and Dean Emeritus of Johnson & Wales University has been hired to serve as a consultant to the Club. Mr. Guggenmos is charged with the following, but not limited to, restaurant related tasks;  staff training, development of Standard Operation Procedures (SOP), menu specifications, inventory controls, reorganization concepts, accounting issues, oversight of restaurant and bar operations and the recommendation and training of a new F&B manager. 


Notably, our consultant has already offered us a qualified candidate poised to deliver exemplary F&B services for the foreseeable future. Effective immediately, he has hired, with Board approval, Matthew T. Haney as Food Service Manager, a 2007 graduate of Johnson & Wales University who is an experienced chef and restaurant manager.


Furthermore, the Board has appointed Ms. Sarah Nessett as the 2016 Bar Manager and Event Coordinator to provide some leadership in the pit bar.


We remain hopeful that these additions, which fall within budgetary guidelines, will deliver the services we all expect for the season. The Board has been working diligently to address all your concerns with resolve and hopefully satisfaction. We continue to address these recent issues as “wrinkles” that will be prudently iron out by the new leadership team assembled in all areas of the club. 


The Board will be hosting our next meeting in the restaurant on the following Sunday morning commencing at 9:00 AM:


·         June 26, 2016


Lastly, the Board has painstakingly assembled a competent and professional leadership team and it is now time to allow each of those individuals to meet (and exceed) their assigned goals and objectives as we segue into the season at our treasure by the sea. Please feel free to contact us at with your questions and concerns.



Board of Directors


May 28, 2016


Dear Owners & Members,


The Board of Directors wants to inform you that we are working diligently towards a successful 2016 season. We have made several large investments (i.e. computer system, WIFI upgrade, security cameras, office remodel and undertaken several structural and decking problems during the off season) that are near completion. All the bathrooms received a fresh coat of paint including other cosmetic improvements in the restaurant and snack bar that certainly are worth checking out. We are very pleased with the outcome.


Notably, we were faced with some unforeseen rubber roofing, structural and decking repairs in major areas that presented several challenges for us. Fortunately, we have remained steadfast on this issue and are confident that we will complete all these tasks in short order without any interruption to your season.


We are pleased with the implementation of our new membership management system. We have processed more than 2000 memberships since opening day! We apologize for any delay you may have felt due to lines but this new system will ultimately will provide us better owner/membership services for years to come. To help ease your stress of waiting in lines we will offering members the option of entering the club with your 2015 pass up to four (4) times in an effort to avoid any wait times in the office for your required new picture. The gate staff has been instructed to clip a corner of your ID each time you enter with your old pass. If you do not have the 2015 pass you will be instructed to acquire a new 2016 pass in the office.


Unfortunately, we just learned that our new Food & Beverage Director will no longer be employed at the club. We will have the snack and pit bar open this weekend and will keep our commitment to the scheduled party events that have been booked. The Board has already spoken with a consultant at Johnson & Wales University to help us locate a new Food and Beverage Director and we are working at light speed to address this unforeseen issue to provide all a season to remember.


On a positive note we hired a new facilities manager (Joseph Short), seasonal operations manager (John Flaherty) and a seasonal security director (Brendon Furtado) to help lead us to success. These three individuals are highly skilled and qualified for the positions we have hired them into and we are fortunate to have them join the BSBC team and family. Please welcome them aboard. Furthermore, we continue to work on acquiring an easement from the Bonnet Shores Fire District with our attorney. We will be publishing our summer board meeting schedule in the coming week.


Lastly, the entire board and staff apologize for these unforeseen challenges, however, we will work diligently to resolve them all in short order. Please do not hesitate to contact us at with your concerns.




BSBC Board of Directors


Dear BSBCCA Owners,

We want to update you on the status of our sewer line easement. As you know we have petitioned the Bonnet Shores Fire District to grant an easement in Bonnet Point Road. Our plan is to install a two inch seasonal sewer line one to two feet below the road from our entrance to Allagash Road. We have proposed to indemnify the Fire district in the unlikely event of an accident as well as resurface the road at the completion of construction. We have been engaging the Fire District since the spring of 2015 and submitted the documentation in February of 2016.

The Fire District has signaled that they are inclined to grant the easement however their conditions are unacceptable. We attend every meeting of the Fire District and have been actively involved in attempting to resolve our differences.  As you know, each unit has a vote in the Fire District. We encourage all of you to attend the meeting to show support for the Beach Club. The annual meeting and election of Fire District Council members will be on June 30 at a time and place to be determined.

We remain optimistic that we will come to terms with the Fire District and move forward with our permitting. We will continue to keep you updated as things progress.


Board of Directors

Bonnet Shores Beach Club Condominium Association, Inc.