Bonnet Shores Beach Club Condominium Association, RI

Facilities at the Bonnet Shores Beach club are available for the exclusive use of owners, members and their guests. All functions must be sponsored by a unit owner and that unit owner will assume full responsibility for the actions of their guests at all times.

Private Function Rules & Regulations as written in the BSBCCA Rule book must be adhered to. Review Function Rules by clicking here.


Space Arrangements: All space arrangements are subject to management approval.


Availability: Functions may be held in the restaurant or under the tent. The function areas are available for private functions whenever those areas are not opened to the general membership. Function guests are restricted to the function area for the duration of the party.


Food & Beverages: Bonnet Shores Beach Club is the only licensed authority to provide, sell, and distribute alcoholic beverages during a function. Owners, members, and guests are not permitted to bring any alcoholic beverages to a private function. The owner acknowledges, per Rhode Island State Liquor Laws, that no one under the age of 21 shall be served alcoholic beverages. The policy of the Bonnet Shores Beach Club is to require a photo identification for all persons requesting alcoholic beverages. Bonnet Shores Beach Club and/or the restaurant reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who, in the judgment of the restaurant staff or of the Management, is intoxicated and to close the bar if warranted. All beverage service shall end 15 minutes prior to the conclusion of the event. The restaurant is also the sole provider of food. Any exceptions must be approved in writing by the Management.


Association Rental Fee: In order to secure the date, the fee for the rental of the function space is due at the time of booking the event. The association fees are a minimum of $250 and are incremental according to the size and nature of the event.

If you would like to inquire as to whether a particular date is available for a private party at BSBC, please provide us the following information and we will forward it to the catering department for consideration. Click here to print the function agreement.