Bonnet Shores Beach Club Bonnet Beacon



Issue 1                                                                   April 16, 2014




            In just four short weeks we open the Beach Club for the 2014 summer season. After the winter that we have had, I am sure that you are looking forward to Opening Day with great anticipation as are we who have worked hard all winter to get ready for your arrival. For myself and the staff, the biggest news of the off-season was that we escaped without a damaging storm—no hurricane and no springtime nor’easter. That said, the staff did endure a brutally cold winter. Despite the weather, all construction projects scheduled for the winter will be completed on time for Opening Day. A HUGE THANK YOU to those staff members who worked the majority of days this winter in sub-freezing temperatures to make this happen.

            The sewer project continues to be a primary focus of the Board and much progress has been made this winter. The engineering firm, CDM Smith, has been selected to design the project and to oversee construction. They are a large international firm with a substantial presence in Rhode Island. We are fortunate to have a firm of that caliber for our project. They were chosen from a pool of very capable candidates, all of whom made very impressive presentations to the Board. Contract negotiations with CDM Smith have been ongoing and the final draft is being prepared as this issue of the Beacon goes to print. I hope to be able to report at the Annual Meeting that the contract has been signed and the first phase of the project is under way.

            Speaking of the Annual Meeting, inside this package of materials you will find the notice of that meeting and a Proxy. We invite you to be a participant in the process and come to the Annual Meeting, but if you cannot attend, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE sign and return the enclosed Proxy. The business of the Annual Meeting can only proceed if we establish the required quorum and we need your Proxy to make that happen.

            The remainder of this issue is devoted to providing you with information about some changes that have been made for this summer and giving you a first look at the calendar of events that have been planned. So please read on and start to mark your calendars.

            I look forward to seeing all of you on Opening Day.

                                                                                                                                                 John A. Coletti, BSBCCA President



            Holy Moly, Baby, did we have a cold and snowy winter or what?!  Well, it’s over now and here’s the date about which you’ve been dreaming ---- the Beach Club opens on Saturday, May 17.  Hallelujah!  Be there or be square!  (It closes on Sunday, September 28, but who cares about that now??)  And to welcome you back, Chef David will be offering coffee and Danish pastry in the restaurant on Opening Weekend.



            The weather is getting nice now and we know that you’re eager to hit the beach and sit in the sun.  But the last few weeks before Opening Day are a whir of activity ----- final touches are being made to all winter projects, the awnings are being installed, boxes of inventory for the office, the Logo Loft, the Bar, and the Restaurant are being unloaded, employees are being trained, the beach is being graded, and great effort is being expended to make your summer run smoothly.  The Beach Club is closed for a reason --- it’s just not ready for you yet.  So please be considerate of all the work that is on-going and wait until Opening Day on May 17 to feast your eyes on the Beach Club.



            Hey, we’re not that crazy.  But we do have a rule that states that “all fees, including, but not limited to, annual assessment, restaurant assessment, electrical fees, charge accounts, and any fines must be paid before any membership passes will be issued” on the unit.  So, if you have any fees left over from last year, they will have to be paid, along with the current year’s assessment and fees, before anyone on your unit can get a membership pass.  Unfortunately, this means that if you co-own your unit --- and if you have paid your share of the fees, but your co-owner has not --- then you cannot get your membership pass until all the fees are paid.



            As a result of a recent inspection, it has come to our attention that those members who use gas grills on the beach are storing the propane tanks either in their units or on the decks.   This is in direct conflict with the fire code and, not surprisingly, we have been instructed by the Narragansett Fire Marshal to immediately discontinue this practice.  He has further informed us that the propane tanks must be stored in an approved and locked storage cage at all times other than when they are being used for cooking on the beach.

            Accordingly, we have provided two storage cages – one in the parking lot near the entrance to the square and one at the end of the horseshoe near the volleyball court. They will be locked at all times and a key will be provided to each unit that requests one.  It is imperative that the storage units be constantly locked in order to prevent any vandalism.   If you have a gas grill, you must keep your propane tank in the storage cage until you are ready to use it and you must return it to the storage cage immediately after grilling.  A fine of $300 will be assessed to any unit which places a tank on the deck or in a unit.  



As you may know, Friday has become the new Saturday --- at least, here at the Beach Club.  In 2012, the guest population sky-rocketed on Fridays.  In 2013, we raised the Friday guest pass fees in the hope that it would have a chilling effect on the guest population and the guest numbers did indeed decline. Based on feedback from our members, we have decided to try something a little different this summer. So, this season, we’ll reduce the guest fees on most Fridays to the former rate and maintain the new higher rate on those Fridays that seem to generate the most guests.

Accordingly, this Season the guest fees on Movie Days (July 11, August 1 and August 22) will be $16 during the day and $8 after 4pm.  On all other Fridays (except July 4th), the guest fees will be $8 during the day and $1 after 4pm.



            This Season, we will have two Members Only Days --- on Sunday, July 20 and on Sunday, August 17.   No guests at all --- not even for the live-ins --- will be allowed access to the facility on these days.  So please plan accordingly.  Oh, I almost forgot ---- World Premier will perform for us on July 20.



Oh, how we love those Bonnet Bucks!  They give us a great opportunity to sample Chef David’s incredible food.  Last season there was a snafu with Bonnet Bucks during the month of September which was totally the fault of the nincompoop who writes the Beacon (that would be me!) and for that we sincerely apologize.  However, you can rest assured that Bonnet Bucks will indeed be accepted until the very last day of the Season.  Please just remember that during the month of September, all food venues will be closed during the week and only the Pit Grille and the Pit Bar will be open on weekends (depending on weather and foot traffic).  In addition, a limited menu will be available during that final month.  Special Reminder --- Bonnet Bucks cannot be used as tips for the wait staff.



            Weekend entertainment is on the move.  Saturday entertainment will begin at 7pm and will end at 11pm.  Children will still have to leave the pit area by 8pm on any evening when there is entertainment. Sunday entertainment will begin at 4pm and will end at 8pm.  Children may stay in the pit area throughout Sunday entertainment.



            Last season, an accident occurred on our beach.  An owner was standing at the water’s edge watching over his grandchildren, both of whom were younger than five years old.  He was doing what we all do with such young children --- his eyes were intently trained on the children.  While his attention was devoted to the little ones, he did not see a skim board whizzing in his direction.  The board hit him squarely in the ankle with great force and he was seriously hurt. This is just the latest in a growing list of injuries caused by skim boards.  Accordingly, skim boards (just like surf boards) will not be allowed.



            We’re changing the house guest pass in an effort to help those owners who have out-of-state guests who visit more than once during the summer.  The former fourteen-day house guest pass can now be split into two seven-day passes; it may be purchased for one specifically-named person for one fourteen-day span or for two seven-day spans.  Just remember that a guest who visits the facility on a house guest pass cannot visit on a daily guest pass.



            Do you know that there was a serious mishap at last year’s fireworks display?  One of the shells exploded while it was still in the box. It shot off in the direction of the live-in units, narrowly missed striking several people including missing one young child’s head by inches, and then struck a live-in unit and exploded causing some structural damage and a small fire under one of the live-ins.  It was obviously a very scary situation. The Board made the decision at its very next meeting that we would no longer conduct a fireworks display from the beach.  Additionally, the Narragansett Fire Marshall has indicated that he will no longer issue a permit. 

            So we decided to investigate the feasibility of shooting the fireworks off from a barge.  We have learned that cost will be an issue.  Last year’s fireworks program cost approximately $12,000.  This included the cost of the fireworks display, the cost of the Police Dept. and the Fire Dept. details, the cost of the additional security guards on duty, the cost of pumping the septic system the day before the fireworks and the day after the fireworks, and the cost of the insurance rider.  To that $12,000 cost will be added the $10,000 cost of the barge.  Also to this will be added an approximately $3,000 upgrade of the fireworks themselves because bigger shells will have to be used because the barge will be quite a distance out in the cove.  In addition, cancellation due to the fog, rain, surf or even slightly windy conditions will have to occur by 8am or we would be liable for the $10,000 barge fee.  We have serious misgivings about a $25,000 price tag. 

            In addition to the danger and the cost, the crowd is also cause for concern. The effect that so many people have on the Beach Club is considerable.  Yes, we have 400 guests on Fireworks Day.  But the crowd is not just a function of guests; Fireworks Day draws countless members.  Indeed, more members visit the facility on this day than on any other all season.  (Hey, who wants to miss the fun?)  The population on Fireworks Day taxes the Club in many ways: it is the biggest day for trash, for water usage, for electrical usage, and for payroll (every single employee works that day).

            When one considers all three of the above factors, it easily becomes clear why Fireworks Day gives rise to so much concern.   Inasmuch as we all love this day, we must face the reality that the concerns outweigh the benefits.  Accordingly, we sadly decided that there will be no fireworks display.



            Have you had trouble using your iPhone at the Beach Club?  How about trouble using your iPad?  Well, worry no more.  We’re adding three more Wi-Fi access points this year --- one in the pit, one on the second floor of the east side, and one at the end of the horseshoe.  We’ll now have nine access points throughout the facility.  So your connectivity should be greatly enhanced.



Who knows if one of those cute little kids taking our swim lessons will be in the 2024 Olympics?  I can just hear it now . . . “In lane three, the USA from Bonnet Shores has taken the lead!”  Please note that our swim lesson program has changed.  We will no longer offer private or semi-private lessons.  All lessons will be 30 minute group lessons and will be free.  They will be held Monday through Thursday at 9am, 9:30am, and, if interest warrants, at 10am.  There will be no make-up days, so be sure that your little one attends each session.   All students must be signed up in advance and must have a current membership ID.  Owners can sign up their children in person from May 17 to May 31. Then members can sign up their children in person from June 1 to June 22.   Lessons will begin on July 7 and end on August 21.



            Do you know that Wimbledon has held its tennis tournament every year since 1877?  And that it’s the only one of the four Grand Slam tournaments that is still played on grass?  And that the grass is 100% perennial ryegrass?  And that the other three Grand Slams are the Australian Open, the French Open, and the U.S. Open?  Well, now you know!

            And you should also know that if you want the very best-est tennis instructor, you can find her right here at the Beach Club.  Beth-Anne Rafanelli is the instructor you want if you or your children really want to learn to play. She has years of experience with both teaching and coaching, not to mention a winning personality and an un-beatable teaching style.  She offers private, semi-private, and group lessons.  And she has some especially exciting news --- this season she will also be running tennis camps for Beach Club children!  All students must have a current membership ID.  For more information and/or to make your arrangements, contact Beth-Anne directly at either 374-0025 or at   Sign up now before all the spots fill up!



            When you’re looking for a bit of food or drink, here are the hours of operation that you’ll need to know.  Please remember that all food service hours of operation are weather dependent.


Pit Bar:  May 17 – 18 and May 24 – 26-----noon to closing ----- Full time beginning May 31st ----- noon to closing every day


Pit Grille: May 24 – 26-----noon to closing

Full time beginning May 31st-----noon to 6pm Monday through Thursday and noon to 9pm Friday through Sunday


Snack Bar: May 24 – 26-----noon to closing

Full time beginning May 31st-----10:30am to 5pm every day except Thursday and 10:30am to 4:30pm Thursday only


Restaurant: June 26 Pasta Night-----Thursdays 5pm to 9pm (no reservations)

June 27 A La Carte Dining-----Fridays and Saturdays 5pm to 9pm-----Reservations strongly suggested


STOP & SHOP . . .

            The Logo Loft has been given a face lift and has been stocked with more than you can possibly imagine.  The shelves and racks are full of beautiful items –- some old favorites and some new pieces.    The Loft opens on May 17 for your shopping pleasure, so be sure to stop in and check out our inventory.



            Here’s a general overview of the guest and guest parking fees:

Weekdays                                                $8                    Parking $5

Weekdays after 4pm                              $1                    Parking $5

Weekdays after Labor Day                    $8                     Parking is free


Weekends                                            $16                        Parking $15

Weekends after 4pm                          $8                          Parking $5


Memorial Day / Labor Day                            $16              Parking $15

Memorial Day / Labor Day after 4pm          $8                 Parking $5


Friday 7/11, 8/1, 8/22                            $16                    Parking $5

Friday 7/11, 8/1, 8/22 after 4pm         $8                        Parking $5


Friday 7/4                                            $24                        Parking $20

Friday 7/4 after 4pm                         Not available         Parking – no reduced fee

No guest cars are allowed in our lot on July 4th --- all guest cars must go to the satellite lot


Sundays July and August                                  $24                            Parking $15

Sundays July and August after 4pm                $8                              Parking $5

No guest cars allowed in our lot on Sundays in July and August before 4pm --- must go to satellite


            Shuttle service will be available on Sundays in July and August from 9am to 5pm

            Shuttle service will be available on July 4 from 9am to 5pm

            The satellite lot is not available if there is a service at the Funeral Home.


            We owe a huge debt of gratitude to long-time member Bobby Nardolillo who allows us the use of his parking lot on Sundays absolutely free of charge.  As a matter of fact, we never asked Bobby for this privilege --- he saw the need and stepped forward of his own accord to offer a solution to our Sunday dilemma.  Thank you most sincerely, Bobby.



Here’s a list of the main events for the season.  They’ll all be loads of fun, so don’t miss out!  No reason to stay home when you can come here and have a great time.  So mark your calendars, pack up the station wagon, and come join us.   (For menus, prices, times, and reservations for those events hosted by the food service, contact the Restaurant directly at 783-3739.)


            Sunday, June 15                       Italian Night with Chris Jason and the Sinatra Live Big Band


            Monday, June 16                     Blood Drive


            Sunday, June 22                       Irish Night with the Goulding School Irish Step Dancers


            Wednesday, June 25                Wine Tasting with appetizers


            Friday, July 4th                          Entertainment begins --- 7pm to 11pm


            Friday, July 11                          Movie Day ---- movie begins at dusk


            Wednesday, July 16                 Wine Dinner


            Saturday, July 19                      Kids’ Carnival with the Big Nazo Puppets --- noon to 3pm


            Sunday, July 20                        Members Only Day with World Premier


            Friday, August 1                        Movie Day – movie begins at dusk


            Saturday, August 2                    New Year’s Eve with Steve Smith and The Nakeds --- 7pm


            Friday, August 8                        Beer Dinner


            Sunday, August 10                    Sand Sculpture Contest --- judging at noon


           Saturday, August 16                  Country Night


            Sunday, August 17                    Members Only Day


             Wednesday, August 20           Cigar Dinner


            Friday, August 22                      Movie Day – movie begins at dusk


            Saturday, August 23                  Halloween --- 6pm to 7pm


            Sunday, August 24                    Blood Drive


            Saturday, August 30                  Restaurant’s Last Night